Spa Pedicure

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Spa PedicureA spa pedicure is a treatment that cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. It helps prevent nail diseases and infections. The pedicure also reshapes long or misshapen toe nails and finishes them up with either a clear protective polish or a fashionable colored polish. This treatment leaves your toes and feet looking beautiful, refreshed and well groomed. However, pedicures are not just limited to nails themselves; the feet and legs are also cared for and moisturized during this treatment.

Having a spa pedicure is a great way to indulge yourself with a relaxing treatment that not only helps you feel your best but also look your very best and protect your feet.

The History of a Pedicure

The pedicure has been around for at least 4,00 years! One example of this is that in Babylon, noblemen used solid gold tools for the grooming of the feet. In ancient Egypt, pictures showing early manicures and pedicures have been found on carving in a pharaoh’s tomb and throughout history the Egyptians have been known for grooming their feet and legs.
What does the Spa Pedicure Include?

Trimming and Shaping Your Nails

The manicurist will first trim & shape your toe nails. It is important to have consistent, even nails with no frays or slivers. When the manicurist shapes your toe nails they will also pay close attention to the sides of your nails to help prevent hang nails or in grown toe nails which can become sore or infected if not groomed properly. A more popular shape for toenails is the square oval. This is a soft combination of the square nail and the curved sides of the oval. It is a very popular style because it looks good on most feet. The square oval doesn’t catch on socks and is easier to wear on a daily basis

Cuticle Work

It’s important to care for your cuticles because of the close proximity to your nails. It’s easy to forget about your cuticles but they are a protective barrier for your nails and prevent bacteria from sneaking into the nail bed and protect the nails from infection. The manicurists will soften the cuticles by soaking them in a warm bath. Then depending on the state of your cuticles they will trim excess cuticles, push back your cuticles or do a combination of both.

Callous Contour

The manicurist will also pay special attention to your callouses on your toes and feet. They will use special lotions and devices to remove dead skin cells and soften the hardened skin areas. The callous contouring treatment will leave your feet soft and supple.

Feet & Leg Massage

The manicurist will give you a soothing and healing foot and leg massage as well. They relax your sore and tired muscles of your feet and legs. Your feet have are where your reflex points end in your body and relate directly to other parts and systems in your body. A foot and leg massage not only relieves fatigue and relaxes your sore muscles but the stimulation of theses areas can have a beneficial and relaxing effect on your entire body.

Warm Paraffin Wax Treatment

The manicurist will follow up your massage with a luxurious Paraffin wax treatment. The wax will create a seal and will allow moisture to penetrate deep into your skin while the heat opens your pores and leaves your skin to be soft, smooth and supple.


The last step is to apply your chosen polish color to your nails along with a strong base coat and finishing coat to give you long lasting, beautiful natural nails. If you do not want colored polish, the manicurist can place a strong protective clear coat on your nails to strengthen your nails without the color. Many men come in for pedicures but want a clear coat rather than a colored coat of nail polish.

Use the Best

To feet carry you around your world every day and they deserve to be pampered and well groomed. The best hair manicurists in the Waynesboro/Fishersville area are ready to help you attain the most beautiful feet possible. You are worth it and your feet are worth it. Call Attitude Salon at (540) 946-6888 to schedule your pedicure today.