Botanical Conditioning Treatment

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Botanical Conditioning TreatmentA botanical conditioning treatment is a deep conditioning treatment using the healing power of nature to sooth and repair dry or damaged hair by adding moisture and protein to the hair while releasing the calming smells of a pampering botanical aroma therapy. A botanical conditioning will leave your hair rejuvenated and stronger than ever before.

How Does the Botanical Conditioning Work?

Every strand of your hair has 3 layers. The deep conditioning botanical treatment affects the outer layer, which is called the cuticle. The cuticle layer resembles shingles on a roof. In a healthy strand of hair they overlap each other and are supposed to lay flat. However, the “shingles” will stand up away from the hair shaft when your hair becomes dry and damaged. This microscopic effect turns your hair dull, lifeless and gives it a frizzy appearance. Deep conditioning with a product that adds both protein and moisture are key ingredients to smooth the cuticle, cause the shingles to lay flat and will give your hair a smoother, shinier, healthier appearance and texture.

The protein and moisture that is imparted from the botanical conditioning treatment is the foundation for beautiful hair. Customized treatments target the needs of your hair infiltrating dry, frizzy, brittle, damaged and tangled hair with it’s intense healing solution. The moisture treatment will give your strands the intense replacement of moisture and the deeply penetrating protein treatment will restore the balance that is scalp and hair’s eco-system. This will help you restore your hair to a healthy scalp and hair. Replenishing important nutrients, moisture, elasticity and shine accomplishes this restoration and makes hair stronger. The added protein also creates a full look, as it expands the hair itself to make all your hair look thicker and stronger.

This treatment especially benefits dry, weak, brittle, damaged and chemically treated hair as the protein and amino acids penetrate and rebuild damaged hair due to differing molecular weights. Botanical extracts will energize, strengthen and revitalize the depleted, breaking and stressed hair shaft. These gentle botanicals will restore the natural luster and moisture.

Having a Professional Conditioning Treatment

Your stylist will access your hair to determine the texture, damage and condition prior to providing the conditioning treatment. The conditioning treatment is a great way to repair color treated or highlighted hair. It is recommended to have the conditioning treatment between highlighting services as it adds moisture and protein, which are ingredients to strong healthy hair. The conditioning treatment will allow the hair to be stronger and prevents breakage. Treated & long hair is particularly susceptible to having the drab dead look, so consistent deep conditioning treatments will leave keep each strand soft, silky and luminous from root to tip.

The Botanical Hair therapy treatment is applied after a pampering scalp massage. The Botanical Hair treatment is then applied to your hair. Within minutes the treatment nourishes and hydrates your hair. The protein treatment also infiltrates to the root of your hair rebuilding and refreshing each and every strand leaving behind luminescent, healthy, soft and strong hair. The treatment will remove the stresses of daily drying, hair styling tools and products and leave your hair refreshed.

The treatment also releases the soothing and peaceful aromatherapy of the natural botanicals to sooth, relax and usher you into a calm, peaceful state.

The treatment can be in scheduled in conjunction to any of the other services we provide. For example, add this service onto your styling service, between highlighting services, or couple it with another type of treatment such as a soothing manicure or pedicure for the ultimate pampering for you and your hair. The treatment may also include a stress-relieving hand or scalp massage. You will leave the salon in state of tranquility with strong, sleek and soft healthy hair.

Use The Best

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