Spa Manicure

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Spa ManicureA manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. It is the care of the nails, the hands and the cuticles to give you beautiful soft hands and strong beautiful shaped nails.

The History of a Manicure

The history of the manicure goes back thousands of years. For example, Indian women used henna to dye their nails as far back as 5,000 BC a thousand years later in Babylonia they were using solid gold manicure tools to give themselves the best looking hands and nails.

The Chinese invented their own nail stain or paint in 3,000 BC, using a complex mixture of beeswax, gelatin, egg whites, gum Arabic, and flower petals. The nails colors of red and black were the most popular. In ancient Egypt Queen Nefertiti is known for making red nails popular. In this time however only the elite and aristocrats were allowed the vibrant sexy color. The rest of the peons and middle class were only allowed to wear pale shades. In the 1500’s the Incans adorned their nails with images of eagles.

The very famous French manicures originated in 18th century Paris and were extremely popular in the 1920’s and 30’s. They remain popular today. A French manicure is one where the tips of the nails are painted white and rests of the nails are polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade. The first nail lacquer was born in the 1920’s, inspired by car paint. The most popular was the same as in Egypt, the sexy bright red. Today, all of the colors of the rainbow are available in all types of finishes and shapes. The one constant that remains is the desire to have beautiful, well-adorned and groomed nails.

Trimming and Shaping Your Nails

The manicurist will first trim & shape your nails. It is important to have consistent, even nails with no frays or slivers. When the manicurist shapes your nails there are several shapes to choose from to reflect your personal style.

One of the most popular shapes is long and pointy. This shape elongates your fingers and you can either finish it with a rounder edge for a more feminine look or a sharp end for an edgy attention grabbing shape. The almond shape is a similar to the longer pointy style, but has a longer, softer tip that’s a little more round. This one of the most classic sophisticated a shape that has been popular since the starlets of the 1950’s. To achieve the retro almond shape, the nail shaped into a long oval. It’s a great shape for a night out of formal events but it’s not ideal for practical uses such as working with your hands or typing.

A more popular and practical version of the oval is the square oval. This is a softer version than the square nail and a more practical version of the oval. It is a very popular style because it looks good on most fingers. The square oval doesn’t catch on clothing and is easier to wear on a daily basis than severe squared nails or long oval nails. This is still a feminine style works and is most flattering on longer fingers with narrow nails. The manicurist will consult with you to help determine the best nail shape for your fingers, nail strength and lifestyle.

Cuticle Work

It’s important to care for your cuticles because of the close proximity to your nails. It’s easy to forget about your cuticles but they are a protective barrier for your nails and prevent bacteria from sneaking into the nail bed and protect the nails from infection. The manicurists will soften the cuticles by soaking them in a warm bath. Then depending on the state of your cuticles they will trim excess cuticles, push back your cuticles or do a combination of both.

Hand & Arm Massage

The manicurist will give you a soothing and healing hand and arm massage as well. They relax your sore and tired muscles of your hand and arms, which normally get over looked but work hard every day on your behalf, with a therapeutic and relaxing massage.

Warm Paraffin Wax Treatment

The manicurist will follow up your massage with a luxurious Paraffin wax treatment. The wax will create a seal and will allow moisture to penetrate deep into your skin while the heat opens your pores and leaves your skin to be soft, smooth and supple.


The last step is to apply your chosen polish color to your nails along with a strong base coat and finishing coat to give you long lasting, beautiful natural nails.

Use the Best

To groom your hands with strong beautiful nails and soft flawless hands with the pampering you deserve, the best hair manicurists in the Waynesboro/Staunton area are ready to help you attain the most beautiful hands possible. Call Attitude Salon at (540) 946-6888 to schedule your consultation today.