Men’s Scissor Cuts

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Men’s Scissor CutsIn ancient Egypt men wore their hair cut short unlike many cultures that neighbored their kingdom. However the Greek legend, Alexander the Great was known as the first commander to have his soldiers cut their hair short and remove their beards so their hair could not be grabbed or torn during battle.

Soldiers of all cultures have copied this advantage over the last several thousand years. The Roman Empire was no different. Although Noblemen and aristocrats wore wigs it was customary for most Roman men to have short hairstyles, this was obligatory for Roman soldiers.

Throughout the centuries that have followed, men’s hairstyles have undergone many different changes and trends. From the wigs of the 1600’s to the comb overs in the 1800’s, the short sleek cuts of the late 1900’s and twentieth century to the modern hair styles of today; the cut of a man’s hair says a lot about who he is.

Using the Scissor Technique of Hair Cutting

There are two main techniques to cutting hair: The scissor cut and the clipper cut. Although both have their benefits, in this article we are going to talk specifically about the scissor technique.

A scissor cut can grow more evenly. A clipper cut, while great for many different hairstyles, usually follows the shape of the head. This can cause a more carpet like effect. However, as the hair is not evenly distributed over the head, this can result in the shape of the haircut changing as grows out. If you have an extremely short haircut this may not matter, as you would need a trim before grow out would become an issue anyway.

The use of shears in the hands of a trained stylist can give the stylist added flexibility to ensure that they give the best customized hair cut for you. Using the scissors or stylist sheers over a comb when cutting offers the stylist more options. The only constraint to how short the hair can be cut is subject only to the thickness of the comb. The stylist then has complete control over how they want to cut the hair, they can use their shears to keep to a more right-angled shape or gradually blend the hair to shorter or longer lengths on different parts of the head. This can give a more professional and polished look, which will grow out with a consistent and even shape.

Using a Professional Stylist for Your Hair Cut

Using an expert stylist is crucial to any professional or modern hair cut. An experienced stylist can help you determine the best style for your comfort level, life style, head shape, hair type and level of thickness. When cutting your hair they also will take into account your hairs natural part, any issues with spots of thinning or broken hair and can address any hair issues that an amateur would be unable too. For example, if you have knobby or uneven sections in your scalp, a skilled stylist can use shears to trim sections from numerous angles. This will ensure the hair will lie uniformly and hide any uneven scalp contours.

After the initial consultation, the qualified stylist will create a custom designed hair cut using scissors only. The skilled stylist will have access to an array of possible types of shears like thinning shears, scissor sets or even special Japanese shears that can give you the best cut for the needs of your hair.

A professional scissor haircut for men will also include a shampoo and conditioning treatment using professional products to give your hair the best possible treatment. The cut and style also includes a relaxing and therapeutic neck and scalp massage. The stylist will blow dry and style your hair so you are ready the moment you leave the salon for any situation, while maintaining the most modern and professional appearance.

Use the Only the Best

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